South Glasgow Baptist Church

South Glasgow Baptist Church

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Christianity Explored gives you time and space to consider the Big questions of life and to explore the life and work of the person at the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus Christ. The course is based on seven studies from the Gospel of Mark. 

- you don't need to know anything about the Bible.

- we won’t make you read aloud, pray or sing 

- you can ask any questions you want.

South Glasgow Baptist Church will begin this 7-week course at your request.  

The course would normally be conducted in our Church hall at 425 Govan Road, G51 2PW, although other venues can be arranged on occasions. The course can even be conducted in your own home if you so desire. 

The course would normally take place on a Tuesday evening and would run from 7-9pm.

The evening consists of refreshments together, watching a short DVD, and discussion groups based on what we have seen, or read during the week.

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“Yes, I am interested in coming along / 

Yes, I am interested in bringing a friend (delete as necessary) 

Please contact me with further details."  


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If you wish to contact us by text message, please use the following contact number -  07810337470 - to make any enquiry or request.

You may also use the "contact us" button above or the following email address  [email protected]